The Brand New 2022 Subaru WRX


Juan Perez, Senior

Many people were excited when the new Subaru WRX model was set to be announced last month. However, controversy has sprung up since it’s release.

The 2022 WRX comes with improvements from previous models. Suspension is one of the main upgrades, as the WRX boasts a track-tuned suspension that includes electronically adjustable dampers to be able to change the suspension in the car. Unfortunately, the adjustable dampers will only be available in the pricier GT pack.

Subaru gave details about the build quality of the 2022 WRX: “The 2022 WRX is built on the Subaru Global Platform, which uses extensive high-strength steel for more rigidity, long-lasting quality, almost 30% higher torsional stiffness, and a quieter cabin.”

This car comes with a 2.4 liter turbocharged v4 engine, generating 271 horsepower, versus last year’s 2.0 liter and 268 horsepower capacity motor. The WRX also comes with an automatic transmission with paddle shifting and an 8 speed manual transmission. A few of the extras are the new driving assist, performance seats, an 11.6 inch multimedia screen and 18 inch alloy wheels.

The base model is around $30,000, compared to the 2021 WRX msrp, which was $28,000.

Senior and fellow car enthusiast Raul Aldana shared his conflicted thoughts in regards to the new vehicle: “The new upgrades are good but in looks, I think they downgraded.”

This model is a great option for a sports sedan and has a decent price range, joined with nice upgrades and features.