The Nogales JV Volleyball Team Wins Again

The Nogales JV Volleyball Team Wins Again

Emma Rodriguez, Freshman

On Thursday, October 14, the Nogales Junior Varsity volleyball team came out victorious against the visiting Sierra Vista Junior Varsity team. 

In the first set of the game, the girls cruised to a 25-10 victory. In the second set of the game, they won 25-20. Despite struggling a little in the second set, the girls had good passing and team chemistry which ultimately contributed to their win. 

The crowd in the stands cheered the team on as the game was played. Frosh volleyball player Hayley Menendez, expressed how physically demanding the sport is: “Our coach tells us volleyball is a full-body sport, it’s not just your hands and arms. Even if it hits your head, it still counts.” The girls work hard using their whole bodies during the game to make winning plays.

The JV volleyball team finished off their season with a winning streak. This sets up the varsity team for more wins next year, hopefully to repeat their league title for a second year.