Nintendo Reveals Sora as the Final Fighter


Boston Wu, Senior

Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice as Sora, the keyblade-wielding character, joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s cast of fighters, marking the end of the highly anticipated Fighters Pass Volume 2 after an ongoing series of exciting updates over the course of 3 years.

On October 5th, Masahiro Sakurai (lead developer) held his final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation to reveal the game’s conclusion as the few remaining pieces of the DLC puzzle were unveiled.

The presentation started off with a small reveal of the upcoming Mii Fighter costumes. Unfortunately, for those who wanted Doom Guy to become a playable character, they will have to settle for a Mii Fighter costume. Shortly after the brief showcase of all the upcoming outfits, the character reveal began.

There stood all of the esteemed fighters, gazing into the flames of the Smash icon, which were slowly dying out; as a result, the characters became frozen in timelifeless and reduced to nothing but figurines. All of a sudden, a faint light reaches Mario’s eyes, and realizing that not all hope was lost, he shoves his hand into flames and throws fire into the air. The flames began to take shape, revealing a key-like outline, and eventually, a trademark symbol of Disney (Mickey Mouse). Almost immediately, Sora appeared, soaring above the surprised fighters as he showed his bright smile for all to see, with the words “Sora is finally here!”

As a DLC fighter, Sora is bound to wield an arsenal of tools at his disposal. While his moveset is relatively straightforward and similar to fighters of the Fire Emblem series, he’s built for airborne combat (IGN). 

According to Walnut High School student Cory Tran, Sora’s attacks “… utilize the keyblade, with a majority of them being designed to launch his opponents into the air, allowing him to pull off devastating combos.” 

Just like in the original Kingdom Hearts, Sora is equipped with a variety of magic spells to aid him in battle. Endowed with overwhelming range, speed, and aerial dominance, Sora finds himself seated among the strongest fighters.

For those who wish to purchase Sora, his bundle (fighter, stage, and music) will cost $5.99 as a standalone. Depending on when you purchase this bundle, Sora will join your roster on the 18th of October, or immediately after upon purchase.