Girls Tennis Season Concludes with a League Championship

Girls Tennis Season Concludes with a League Championship

Morelia Razo , Freshman

The 2021 girls tennis season has officially come to an end with the team bringing home the league title. 

History teacher and tennis coach, Mr. Malignaggi, expresses the remarkable feat his team achieved: “Our team’s chemistry has been magnificent, everybody plays for each other. Our season was historic and I am glad that we were able to accomplish our goal.”

The team went 7-1 in the league, 10-8 overall and their single and double players were top four during the season. 

Due to the pandemic, our athletes had to adapt to a variety of changes. The ongoing COVID-19 regulations and requirements have caused this season to be even tougher. Mr. Malignaggi states, “Our athletes had to face constant COVID-19 testing, get vaccinated and most importantly stay healthy to play. Any mistake, and our season would have been lost.”

These girls didn’t let the COVID-19 regulations hold them from their productive season. They were cautious of the requirements and played their hearts out despite all of the challenges facing them. 

Ultimately, the girl’s tennis team was very successful this school year as they worked efficiently, which shows the noble spirit of these athletes. Even after being quarantined for multiple months, they were still capable of achieving their main goal.

Mr. Malignaggi concludes that he is keen to carry on the growth of the sport on campus next season: “I look forward to continuing to build this program and to recruit new players.”