SHH Recognizes Students’ Achievements in Spanish

SHH Recognizes Students’ Achievements in Spanish

Melanie Mendez-Perez, Senior

AP Spanish students are eligible to be initiated into the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH). Applications can be submitted to Ms.Zumaeta or Mrs. Pineda on Google Classroom. 

SHH is an honor society in which students receive a certificate for their membership and a cord at graduation.

There are many activities hosted by SHH, such as fundraisers, toy drives and candlelight ceremonies. SHH members who are looking forward to college use this as another school achievement in their transcripts.

Induction for SHH will be a formal ceremony in the gym at 7PM on Friday, December 3. There will be food and dancing to celebrate Hispanic culture.

Junior, Alexander Molina, expressed the advantages of the society: “There are many benefits but some that stand out are the following: knowledge on Spanish speaking cultures and a membership certificate at the end.”

Students have the opportunity to know why Spanish culture is important and are able to represent their culture in a deeper fashion.

Hispanic backgrounds are explained and celebrated, claims Karen Vargas. “Students can share and express their knowledge about Spanish cultures, and [SHH] rewards students with an outstanding education in their Spanish classes.”

There are a few requirements in order to be a part of SHH. Students must have a B- or better in their Spanish class and also need to be passing the rest of their classes. It is necessary for students to attend a minimum of two meetings as well.