The Opportunity to Apply for Colleges is in Full Swing

The Opportunity to Apply for Colleges is in Full Swing

Aileen Peres, Senior

The window to apply to community colleges, Cal States, Universities and UC Universities is open. It is now the time to research, focus and learn about future opportunities.

Nogales Guidance Tech, Marlo Moreno, expresses how it is better to start the application process sooner rather than later: “Cal State and UC University application deadlines are on November 30. Make sure to prepare early for college access and applications because many of the school deadlines come earlier than expected.”

Ricardo Ramirez, Nogales College advisor, explains how the opportunities for money for college are plentiful: “The college connect readiness program is offering insight to focus on school preparation for the future, opportunities such as Free Application for Federal Student Aid and to ensure preparation in order to be strong applicants for the next school year.” There are already many opportunities opening up to register to college and with Financial Aid, students can get the chance to access college at an affordable rate. 

When applying for colleges, remember to ask lots of questions and seek help from experts like Ramirez or Moreno. Start your application process early and focus on the needed A-G requirements. The deadline for college applications may vary depending on the university, so be aware of these important dates.