Faith Recinos Garcia makes it into CIF in Tennis

Faith Recinos Garcia makes it into CIF in Tennis

Morelia Razo, Freshman

Senior tennis player Faith Recinos Garcia was able to make it to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) tournament for the second time in her high school career.

Recinos Garcia attributes this CIF berth to her hard work, dedication and passion towards the sport in the four years she has played at Nogales. “The reason why I made it was because I have been practicing since my freshman year.” 

She continually won the majority of her games in the league this season, giving opportunity to enter the post-regular season tournament. Recinos Garcia explained her excitement of clinching a spot in CIF: “It wasn’t necessarily one of my goals to make it to CIF; however, I am excited to make it once again.

Tennis coach and history teacher Mr.Malignaggi voices his gratitude towards Recinos Garcia: “I am very proud of Faith because she has been the face of our program for the past two seasons and has been our number one tennis player.”

Having the opportunity to make it to CIF twice is extremely rewarding, as it takes real dedication and hard work. Congratulations to Faith for her victory as a noble athlete.