Nogales is Now Offering Tutoring in the Library After School

Nogales is Now Offering Tutoring in the Library After School

Hazel Medina, Senior

Nogales is offering tutoring at the library for students who need extra help. The tutoring began on October 18 and will continue on Mondays through Thursdays from 3PM – 4PM. 

All students are welcome to attend, although the tutors are aiming their services to 9th and 10th graders. The main subjects available for tutoring are algebra 1 and 2, biology, english, world history and spanish 1 and 2. 

Students that are involved in helping those in need are the IB Questers, National Honors Society (NHS), CSF and the Math Club. Anyone in these activities is eligible to participate as a tutor. Those interested in being a tutor can sign up in the library.

Dr. Zelnick, who originally began the program, states, “I started this for 2 reasons: to help freshmen and sophomores. The idea was to aid students: for example, in math to review homework, in history to help them understand classwork, in spanish for assistance with assignments or revising essays for english. The other purpose was to help National Honors Society members, CSF and IB students complete their community service hours.” 

Esperanza Mayorga, tutor and president of NHS, explains how she plans to help these students who join the tutoring program. “We will provide them with resources they can use in the time needed not only during the tutoring session but outside of the classroom.” 

After school tutoring is aimed at providing extra help for students who need aid in various subjects.