Football Team Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

Football Team Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

Emma Rodriguez, Freshman

This past month, the Nogales football team held a fundraiser in support of breast cancer awareness. 

Senior and varsity football player, Victor Reynoso, expresses how he feels to have been a part of the fundraiser: “It’s good to help because a lot of us have had family members with breast cancer.”

Football head coach, Mr. Martinez explains the reason why it’s beneficial to have these fundraisers at campus: “I think community service is a huge part of playing high school sports and this is just one of the many things that we´ll try to do throughout the year.” 

Continuing with the solidarity towards breast cancer awareness, the football team purchased and wore pink jerseys to hold a “Tackle Cancer Night” for one of the home games as well.

The Nogales football media page states how Tackle Cancer Night is a special initiative to celebrate and commemorate family members and loved ones that have fought breast cancer, are still fighting, or have passed away due to it. 

In about a week where the football players sold shirts, the team managed to raise a total of $2000. All of the proceeds will go to the KM foundation.