National Honors Society Inauguration Welcomed New Members

National Honors Society Inauguration Welcomed New Members

Kevin Pedroza, Junior

The National Honors Society (NHS) inauguration took place on November 12, 2021, in the MPR at 6 PM. The inauguration was for all new members to be welcomed into the society. Friends and family were also invited. 

The induction included each new society member receiving a pin, a certificate and the lighting of a candle. To join, you needed a minimum GPA of 3.0, be at least a Sophomore and have a positive character. 

The inauguration ceremony started with an introduction of the cabinet members and a message from Principal, Dr. Brumbaugh. Each cabinet member explained the existence of the 4 pillars, the significance of the candles and the overall purpose of the society.

Junior, Jaylene Benitez, discussed how the inauguration was a lovely ceremony. “I think the set was beautiful and the idea behind the candles was fascinating. The candle ceremony was my favorite part because of the team’s effort it took to light everyone’s candle and everyone was supportive to be a part of this great society.”

Junior, Cyntia Ayala was appreciative of loved ones being able to attend the ceremony: “It was fun seeing friends and family at the inauguration; it brought the whole thing together.”

Every member must meet all the requirements to be both accepted in the National Honors Society and to receive the medal when they graduate. Aside from getting to know an esteemed community full of talented individuals, being a member also looks good on your college application.