Astroworld Fest in Houston ends in Tragedy

Astroworld Fest in Houston ends in Tragedy

Jasmine Jimenez, Junior

On Friday, November 5, hip-hop artist Travis Scott hosted his annual Astroworld fest at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. Thousands of concert-goers attended the highly anticipated event to see the rapper perform, among other high profile artists in the lineup.

Travis Scott is notorious for encouraging his fans to “rage” and be chaotic; thus, his fandom is known for breaking protocols. At 2PM on Friday, many people without tickets started breaking through security checkpoints to enter the festival grounds. Scott began his set at 9 PM. At this point, the massive crowd did not have enough room, causing a squeeze amongst the people, leading to panic.

Due to the massive crowd surge and lack of security, many people were trapped and clustered. Most significantly, the Houston-based rapper failed to stop the show when many fans were allegedly requesting it. Unfortunately, this left 9 victims dead and dozens injured.

Freshman, Ruby Rodriguez, expresses how concerts and public events should not be a setting for mass deaths. “When going to a concert, you’re supposed to be assured you will be going back home safe.” 

The victims that lost their lives at Astroworld fest were Bhart Shahani (22), John Hilgert (14), Brianna Rodriguez (16), Jacob Jurinek (20), Franco Patino( 21), Axel Acosta( 21), Rudy Pena (23), Madison Dubisk (23) and Danish Baiq (27).