New Bell Schedule For 2022-2023 School Year

New Bell Schedule For 2022-2023 School Year

Erik Lopez, Senior

Starting next year, Nogales High School will be changing its bell schedule. 

In California, schools will now start at 8:30 am. Due to this, school will end later in the afternoon. Some proposals for the schedule structure included a hybrid (half block and half regular classes), a pure block schedule and a regular schedule with a later start time. 

Teachers and staff voted on next year’s bell schedule, and the regular schedule with a later start time won, accumulating 57.7% of the total vote. 

Sophomore, Edwin Lomeli explained how having a hybrid or block schedule would be okay: “The non-regular schedules don’t seem as bad as people make them sound.”

School under the new schedule will start at 8:30 AM and end at 3:34 PM from Tuesdays to Fridays. On Mondays, 0 period will begin at 8:37 AM, while first period will start at 9:27 AM. School will conclude at 2:57 PM. 

Lepri Price, a sophomore, has some concerns about the change: “Even though the schedule was moved and no time was added, I’m worried about having to stay later than I’m used to.”

Despite the complaints, bell schedules across California high schools are on track to be changed by the next school year.