Europe Records Hottest Summer Yet

Europe Records Hottest Summer Yet

Aileen Peres, Senior

The ongoing climate change crisis has created an all time high for Europe’s average temperature, which increased by 1 degree celsius this past summer. On July 10, 1977, the highest temperature ever in Europe— which was 48.0 degrees celsius, indicated the beginning of changes in the climate.

Nogales SERVE teacher, Mr. Kim, voices his stance on the continuing situation: “Climate change is real and people need to be aware that it’s not an opinion, but a fact. We are responsible for the impact we leave on Earth.”

Scorching temperatures in Europe over the summer turned into tedious heatwaves and caused dangerous wildfires. Future analysis shows that this bump of 1 degree celsius could occur every three years.

Junior, Tiffany Sanchez, also shares her fears about the negative climate trends. “It’s upsetting to see that the weather is changing. It is also saddening to see the people who are really getting impacted because it will only get worse.” 

Beyond the European continent, temperatures around the world are estimated to continue their increase for the next 20 years if not enough change can be done.