COVID-19 Pandemic Update – OP-ED

COVID-19 Pandemic Update - OP-ED

Esmeralda Ortega, Senior

As we begin to settle into the new semester of the 2021-2022 school year, we also face one of the latest and alarmingly contagious COVID-19 variants, Omicron. 

Nogales students, staff, and parents alike, have very mixed feelings about going to school in person. Some strongly believe we should keep going to school on campus, while others believe we should stay home altogether.

In regards to returning to in-person learning, Nogales senior, Rikkimae Panis, shared, “at first, I loved the idea of going to school in person because I’d be in a better learning and work environment, but after Omicron emerged and cases began to rise, going to school freaks me out a bit.” 

Having now been approximately a year and ten months into this pandemic, we are all too familiar with what we need to do to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Being back on campus continues to prove just how much we need to listen and follow the CDC’s guidelines. 

When Nogales students first returned to school on August 9, 2021, some very noticeable adaptations were made to ensure the safety of all the staff and students who were present. 

When commenting on the implemented adaptations, Nogales senior, Bryce Kwon, believes, “wearing masks and a six feet social distance are all the right protocols. The school made the right call by putting up the plastic films on all desks to try and minimize the spread of the virus.” 

Experts estimate that the current wave of COVID-19 cases will hit a plateau after reaching a peak in late January to early February, beginning to decline shortly afterward. 

The good news is that the number of vaccinated students at Nogales continuously rises as more time goes on; the more students that get vaccinated, the less likely we are to experience a surge of cases at school.

Although sometimes it may seem as though there is no end in sight to this pandemic, we must continue to do all that we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm. Together, we can help to slowly diminish this virus’ hold on our lives.