Popular Video Game Uncharted Comes to life in the Silver Screen

Popular Video Game Uncharted Comes to life in the Silver Screen

Tony Reynoso , Senior

In this film, treasure hunter Nathan Drake, the descendant of Sir Francis Drake, discovers the whereabouts of the legendary Golden City and partners with his friend and mentor (in previous uncharted games) Sully, to tackle the challenges of the South American city, El Dorado.

Uncharted will be a pre-sequel to the original game series Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. This film features a youthful Nathan Drake and the story behind how his friendship with Sully came to be, but it is not fundamentally connected to the games. This movie will not be canon to the main storyline, so the film may be pushed in a different direction from the plot of the original games. 

The cast of Uncharted features several well-known stars, with Tom Holland taking the main role as Nathan Drake. Actress Sophia Taylor Ali will play Chole Frazer, Nathan’s past love interest and treasure hunter companion. Antonio Banderas will be playing a critical role in the film as Moncada, a ruthless treasure hunter and the franchise’s newly created villain.

Mark Wahlberg was initially given the starring role as Nathan Drake when Uncharted first went into advancement back in 2010, but the film was put off for over a decade. Wahlberg plays Nathan’s mentor, Victor “Sully” Sullivan. 

Uncharted‘s original release date was 6 years ago but it was deferred multiple times. The film’s final release date has been set to February 18, 2022. Uncharted has not yet been rated.