Boys Basketball Covid Update

Boys Basketball Covid Update

Melanie Mendez-Perez, Senior

This past month, there have been many changes in the schedule of the Nogales boys basketball team due to the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases.

Junior and basketball player, Andrew Cobar, voiced his disappointment towards the cancellation  of their games. “It is honestly upsetting to have games rescheduled or canceled, but I know most high school sports teams are going through the same ordeals right now.” 

 Even though several games were postponed during winter break, the varsity squad still took part in a tournament that was held on December 27 and 28, where they matched up against Downey and Montebello.

Unfortunately, the boys failed to win a game, losing 82-20 against Downey High and 63-34 against Montebello High. 

While still managing to play some basketball through two games during the winter break, the team took the cancellations as time to prepare for future games.

Junior, Nathan Morales, shared his feelings in regards to the disruption of their playing schedule: “It’s something that we can not control but no matter the circumstances we still have to keep practicing and preparing ourselves for the next opportunities we’ll have. We play basketball not as individuals, but as a group. Each practice that we have not only helps us build chemistry but also gives us more time to help tone our skills.”

The ongoing cancellations and delays in the boys basketball calendar serve as a constant reminder that COVID-19 is still very much alive and the necessary precautions should be adopted to stop the spread inside and outside the court.