Dawn FM: The Weeknd’s Latest Album – OP-ED

Dawn FM: The Weeknd’s Latest Album - OP-ED

Alana Morales, Junior

Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, released Dawn FM, his newest full-length project. Dawn FM was available for streaming and purchase on January 7th, 2022, giving listeners sixteen new songs featuring collaborations with artists like Lil’ Wayne and Tyler The Creator. 

Paired with spoken word appearances from Quincy Jones, Josh Safdie, and Jim Carrey, this record is The Weeknd’s fifth released studio album, following the immense success of After Hours (2020), which launched Tesfaye into global superstar-dome.

The Weeknd’s online fans seem to enjoy the album with its almost five-star rating on Google Reviews. Commenter, Niko Zguri, writes, “I’m happy to say: Dawn FM doesn’t disappoint. It’s a different sound from After Hours, since it leans more into 80s EDM, and some people might need a bit of time to get used to that. But in my opinion, I’d say Dawn FM is his most cohesive, polished and groovy album yet.” 

After listening to the album, I thought Dawn FM was pretty decent. However, considering that this record carried a lot of hype around its release, which raised the expectations, I don’t think those expectations were necessarily met. A listen to this album can potentially become a drag due its slightly repetitive sound.

This album deserves an 8/10 rating. It gives listeners a different vibe and type of music while simultaneously bringing back 1980’s undertones that were prevalent in After Hours. If you like exploring new music that possesses a retro ambiance, Dawn FM is the album for you.