SHH Inauguration Welcomes New Members into the Club

SHH Inauguration Welcomes New Members into the Club

Kevin Pedroza, Junior

The Nogales Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) held a formal ceremony on December 3, 2021, at 6 the MPR to induct new members into the society. 

The inauguration was full of cultural activities deriving from cultures of Hispanic countries such as Mexico, Spain and El Salvador. These presentations were all done by incoming members.

Junior and SHH inductee, Celeste Gallardo gave her insights on the overarching meaning of the ceremony and the society. “It was nice, because I learned more about my Hispanic culture. It made me feel happy to be a part of the society that represents my heritage.” 

All of the newly inducted members had to meet requirements and criteria before the ceremony. Students had to attend a minimum of two meetings, be in an AP Spanish class while passing with a B- or better and have passing grades in the rest of their classes. 

The inauguration began with Spanish teacher and SHH advisor, Ms. Zumaeta, giving a speech followed by the SHH cabinet. The official inauguration process consists of every student lighting up a candle and reciting a poem. 

Junior Soraya Campos, one of the presenters of the cultural portion of the ceremony, explained her delight of taking part in this event. “I thought the formatting of the inauguration was put together nicely and it was such a beautiful experience. I am so proud to say I was a part of it. Hosting the second half of the night was very nerve-racking, but once I got on the stage I was no longer worried.”

The inauguration ended with every newly inaugurated student blowing out their candle and reciting a poem. After the cultural presentations and activities concluded, all the members enjoyed a dinner that was part of the initiation ceremony.