Boys Varsity Soccer Participate in Two Consecutive Tournaments


Erik Lopez, Senior

Boys varsity soccer took part in the Orange County and Sierra Vista tournaments in late December, 2021. 

Senior and varsity captain, Aidan Oropeza, loved the experience the team gained: “I’m happy to have participated in both the Sierra Vista and NOC tournaments even though we didn’t get the results we hoped for. Our team gave it the best under the circumstances.”

The team had to win their first two games to advance to the next round of the Orange County tournament. Unfortunately, things did not end up going their way and the boys lost both games.   

Jason Lopez, Junior on the varsity lineup, described the feelings the team shared before the events: “The Sierra Vista tournament was an awesome experience. We started bad in the preseason, but once we prepared for the tournament, all we were thinking about was winning. Sadly, we lost in the semi-finals against Sierra Vista, but it was an overall good tournament despite the tough defeat.”

The soccer team worked hard, practicing and training daily. Soccer isn’t always about winning. You lose some and win some, and that’s the only way to learn.