Girls Varsity Basketball Team Stumbles on their Final Home Game

Girls Varsity Basketball Team Stumbles on their Final Home Game

Morelia Razo, Freshman

The Nogales girls varsity basketball team played against Duarte High School at home, on February 2, 2022, where the final results favored the away team.

The girls started strong by scoring the first point and succeeding in their defense. However, by the end of the 2nd quarter, they trailed with a score of 7-20. 

Throughout the final segment of the game, the score gap widened even more and Duarte took the win with a commanding 14-49 final score. 

Girls varsity basketball coach and math teacher, Ms.Lei, expressed her sorrow regarding the loss: “The girls had a lot of pressure from the crowd, which made communicating with each other difficult, due to all the background commotion.” 

Lei stressed the importance of motivation, even in moments where loss is imminent and for that to not affect their energy or spirit.

Even with the loss, Ms. Lei is grateful for the growth of the team inside and outside the court. “The girls gained a family and were able to increase their ability to communicate and to stay aware of what was happening. The overall improvement in their skills throughout the season helped them grow as people.” 

Coach Lei highlights the teamwork and chemistry among the squad, explaining how supportive the girls were of each other and how they strengthened as a team.

Despite the humbling defeat, the girls displayed the essentials of teamwork and growth, not only during the game but throughout the course of the season.