Outraged Father Acts Out After Son Has an Allergic Reaction

Outraged Father Acts Out After Son Has an Allergic Reaction

Angel Macias, Senior

On January 23, at approximately 1:00 PM, James Iannazzo purchased a smoothie at Robeks Smoothie shop in Fairfield, Connecticut. Later, Iannazzo went back to speak to staff members about what caused his son’s allergic reaction, who was rushed to the hospital after suffering from anaphylaxis caused by a peanut allergy.

Iannazzo claimed that one of the employees may have put peanuts in his son’s smoothie. When no one took responsibility, Iannazzo became aggressive, using inappropriate language. Problems escalated when an employee began to raise her voice toward him and Iaanzzo reacted by throwing the smoothie at her.

Police were called after he tried getting behind the counter. Charli Hill, a high schooler who works at Robeks that was present during the time of the incident, expanded on Iannazzo’s alleged aggressive behavior: “He started to call her racial slurs. He threatened to kill us multiple times.” 

Iannazzo later turned himself in and was fired from his job as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch Company. 

A parent or guardian would do anything to protect their child. Unfortunately, Iannazzo took the situation too far and faced serious consequences. 

Since Iannazzo was not at work during the time of the incident, some may argue this as a reason for him to keep his job; however, even if he was not actively working, he is still a representation of the company he works for, no matter where he goes. 

The only outcome of Iannazzo’s behavior was punishment; he may have apologized, but he left young high schoolers worried about the next customer they may interact with. Gianna Miranda, the employee hit by the smoothie, described the terrifying ordeal: “It was kind of scary, I’m not going to lie because I’m like ‘I don’t know his intention or what he was going to do.”

Consequently, the actions of James Iannazzo have now held him responsible to act accordingly in the future at the cost of his job.