Sadie’s Dance Postponed

Sadie’s Dance Postponed

Aileen Peres, Seniors

Nogales High School was set to host its first dance of 2022 in January: a Mad Hatters Tea Party-themed Sadie Hawkins dance. However, due to COVID-19 safety protocols still being in effect, the entire event got postponed to Friday, April 22.

Despite the date getting pushed back, students are still looking forward to the dance. Senior Samantha Orduna states, “I don’t know if the dance is still going to continue or not, but I hope it does. I was thrilled when I originally heard about the dance.” 

Freshman, Janney Rocha, reacted negatively about the change in date: “I was a little disappointed. The theme for this year looked so fun and cute, so I wanted to enjoy time with my friends.” Many students were looking forward to participating in one of the more popular school activities.

Fortunately, Sadie’s has a new date, which is in April. The dance will be in lieu of the Senior Luau. Students can look forward to a might of madness chasing the white rabbit, so do not be late for this very important event.