Stranger Things 4 is Coming Soon

Stranger Things 4 is Coming Soon

Esmeralda Ortega, Senior

The long-awaited fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, created by the Duffer Brothers, is set to release in two volumes: the first will be released on May 27, 2022, and the second on July 1, 2022. There will be spoilers in this article, so read with caution. 

This science-fiction horror series follows the lives of a tough and witty group of friends: Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max and Will. Many are excited about the new season to see what this group is up to in the upcoming teaser. When speaking on her expectations for the upcoming episodes, Nogales senior Vivian Aguirre shared, “I am most excited to see Hopper and what happened to him after the spectacular ending of season 3, which left me practically in tears.” 

Spoiler Alert: Last season Hopper disappeared and was presumed dead but many speculated that the Russians have him.

In the most recent Stranger Things 4 trailer, which was released on November 6, 2021, the gang’s all split up; Eleven has moved in with the Wheelers and they are located in California; it has been confirmed that Chief Hopper, who was believed to have been killed back in Stranger Things 3, is alive and in Russia while the rest of the group remains in Hawkins. The kids have also started high school, so it will be interesting to see how they all deal with this major transition.

It has been almost three years since the Duffer Brothers gave fans any new Stranger Things episodes, and some fans are quite upset with how long the wait has been. When asked about how she felt regarding the upcoming release dates, Nogales senior Hillary Perez confessed, “It being pushed back made me want the season less, but regardless, I will watch it as soon as it comes out.” 

Although it has been a bummer that fans have had to wait so long, the Duffer Brothers have never disappointed. Before we know it, we will be able to dive into the lives of all the characters we love so dearly, once again.