Varsity Softball Team Gains a Victory Against Rosemead

Varsity Softball Team Gains a Victory Against Rosemead

Morelia Razo, Freshman

On March 2, 2022, the Nogales varsity softball team played against Rosemead at home where they concluded the game with a landslide success.

Throughout the game, the girls had amazing teamwork, communication and enthusiasm. They all worked efficiently and were able to obtain the components to score any runs. The game resulted in a final score of 13-0, which featured two home runs. 

Head Coach Bobby of the varsity softball team, proudly acknowledges the outstanding performance of the players: “Today’s game was marvelous. Our senior pitcher, Bianca, did very well. The girls were batting phenomenally, and we also have some outstanding hitters, which can bring success throughout the entire season.” 

This year’s varsity softball team has a mixture of seniors and freshmen, who were cheering and encouraging each other in every aspect and demonstrated potential for the future as Coach Bobby explained: “This is probably one of the best groups of girls that I ever had. They all get along well. Our team will also be very firm for the next four years if we get a good pitcher and the freshmen are incredible.¨

Coach Bobby has been coaching at Nogales for nearly a decade and has only missed the CIF tournament once. He seeks to take first place and win the league this season.

These girls truly represent the noble athletic program. They are an incredible team and are on the way to a successful season.