OP-ED: Apollo XVI, Steve Lacy’s Debut Album

OP-ED: Apollo XVI, Steve Lacy’s Debut Album

Brandon Choe, Junior

On social media apps such as TikTok, there have been many music artists to gain popularity years after their initial debut. Among these artists is Steve Lacy— a Los Angeles based solo artist, who is also a member of R&B group The Internet. 

Some of his songs like “Dark Red” and “Infrunami” gained massive traction on these platforms, shedding light on his previous work. His debut album, Apollo XXI (Apollo 21) displays Lacy’s artistic talent which spans across many genres, ranging from indie, funk and R&B.  

The album opens up with the track “Only If,” where Lacy wishes he could travel back in time to tell his past self that he’ll be fine. This pattern of expressing and opening up on his personal life continues in other songs, including “Love 2 Fast.”

Junior, Jorge Lopez enjoys the album very much although he only recently found out about it: “I wish I discovered the album sooner.”

Lacy shows off his artistic and innovative talent in Apollo XXI as he produced the album on his phone. He used an app called GarageBand to produce the majority of the songs on the album, demonstrating his abilities despite the limited resources he possessed at the time. 

I strongly recommend looking into his discography beyond Apollo XXI, as you will most likely find a liking in one of his songs, given the variety of sounds found in his several works. 

The album is best experienced by listening to it from beginning to end, as all of the songs are coordinated with each other, portraying a cohesive message throughout the tracklist .