Russia Shocks the World With a Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

Russia Shocks the World With a Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

Brandon Duarte , Senior

On February 21st, the President of Russia,Vladamir Putin, declared in a speech that Russia denied the statehood of Ukraine. Following that, on February 24th, he launched an invasion towards Ukraine with the troops that had been gathering at the Ukrainian border since last December.

Historically, Russia had tense diplomatic relations with Ukraine. In World War II, Russia drafted Ukrainians to fight in the front lines against Germany. During the USSR’s existence, they also caused problems for Ukraine, as USSR dictator Joseph Stalin took wheat from Ukraine, leading to at least 3 million Ukrainians dying due to starvation.

Levy Palencia, A U.S citizen who has lived in Ukraine for the past few years gave his insights on the invasion; “Russia has had conflict with Ukraine for the past hundred years, even after Ukraine declared itself independent. Russia has always been at its doorstep. Putin wants to invade Ukraine because of his national pride, and its historical significance to Russia, as in Russian, Ukraine means the borderlands, meaning that Ukraine was meant to be the border of Russia.”

Russia has been bombing the Eastern and North-eastern side of Ukraine with hundreds of missiles launched at cities, airports and important infrastructure. Russia has taken over certain regions in the East, as they had help from pro-Russia separatists in the takeover. They sent troops to take over Ukraine in what was supposed to be a swift takeover; however, they ave met resistance from Ukrainian forces and civilians alike.

Putin claims that his attack on Russia is for the greater good. He said he wants the “demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine.” Many think that this claim is untrue and a smoke screen for his reckless agenda.

Russia has been facing pushback from the rest of the world as the countries with the biggest economies have placed severe sanctions on Russia, greatly damaging their economy. Ukrainian civilians are also staying strong as many are ready to die defending their country, with President Volodimir Zelensky refusing to leave the country despite an offer from the U.S for a safe passage out.