Senior Honors Night to Take Place Next Month

Jasmine Mejia, Senior

Senior honors night will be held on May 25, 2022. This night is dedicated to seniors as a way to commemorate their success and accomplishments over the past 4 years. Academic clubs such as AP and IB, as well as other electives will be recognized.

Students involved in clubs will be receiving cords, medals, stoles or certificates. Students from academic elective classes will be honored such as AVID, AP Scholars, and H.O.S.A. 

AVID students will be awarded with either a cord or stole. To receive a stole, students are required to have taken the class for 4 years. A cord will be given to students who took AVID courses for less than four years. AVID coordinator, Mr. Ratkay is proud of his seniors: “The students who put in the time to develop their skills today will be better prepared to be successful in their future.” 

Another program that will be honored are the AP scholars. It is ran by Dr. Zelnick with help from counselor Yvette Martinez. This recognition is for students who have taken AP classes. To get a stole, they need to earn at least 12 points. They get one point for each AP class they pass with a C or higher, for every AP test taken and a final point for earning a 3 or better on the AP Exam. Dr. Zelnick knows how much effort and hard work AP students put into their classes. “The students work hard throughout high school to excel and this is one way they can show off their success.” 

H.O.S.A, ran by Ms. Montgomery will be represented as well. Students will be earning a stole based on the requirements of earning a B or better in all medical classes, 15 hours of service, attending HOSA meetings regularly and having to travel and compete. For the cord recognition, it is the same minus the traveling and competing.   

Many students put tremendous effort into their high school careers and it all culminates to events like these, where much of their extra work is recognized.