End of Year Banquets for IB and Senior Seminar

End of Year Banquets for IB and Senior Seminar

Emma Rodriguez, Freshman

In the month of May, there will be banquets for different groups of students involved in several programs and courses. The events will be held on campus in celebration of their success. The banquets will be for Senior Seminar and IB.

The Senior Seminar banquet will be held in the MPR on May 13th. This event is for the students that are in the Nogales Tech Academy (NTA) and those that qualify for Career Technical Education (CTE). In these classes, students had to do a research project and present it. They also created a portfolio and completed an internship.

IB is one of the most prestigious academic programs available to 11th and 12th graders. Students in IB are further prepared for college and are ready to work with demanding workloads. They are tested in 6 classes, some of which are two years long, such as English and Biology. IB student and Senior, Ana Diaz, likes having these large classes: “It is good having English for 2 years. Over this time, I was able to strengthen my literacy skills.”

To recognize and celebrate the hard work of the IB students, a banquet will be held for them as well, on May 26th in the MPR.