Psychology Club Hosts its First Nami Walk

Psychology Club Hosts its First Nami Walk

Melanie Mendez-Perez, Senior

The Nogales Psychology club is organizing a National Alliance on Mental Illness (Nami) Walk to raise money for mental health awareness. This event will be taking place at the track located within the Jack Jolly Stadium on Thursday, May 5th. 

Senior, Ashley Ortiz discussed the goals she hopes to achieve. “Our goal is to inform people to be aware of the various mental illnesses. We want them to learn about ways they can contribute and help those with an illness. We also want to let people know that no one is alone and we are here to support them.”

During the Nami Walk, students will participate by walking for donations or sponsorships. The students will receive wearable bracelets of a certain color, each representing a different type of mental illness. As people walk with these bracelets, they are emphasizing their desire to help the myriad of mental illnesses people deal with from anxiety and depression to obesity and bullying. 

Bryce Kwon, Senior and contributor to this event, is looking forward to spreading awareness: “The Nami Walk promotes positivity and spreads awareness on the various mental illnesses that people have to live with on a daily basis. These people struggle and suffer with certain illnesses but we are here to let them know that we stand with them and they are not alone.”

The event will have a beginning donation of $5 to participate. All proceeds will go towards helping those with mental illnesses. Among the donations, the ten people who contributed the most will be rewarded with a free t-shirt.

The overall purpose of this event is to get students, teachers and staff in a movement that can benefit and show encouragement towards people with mental illnesses. Everyone should be informed and have some sort of knowledge in order to support those who need it, as we never know what someone else is going through.