Reality Takes A Bite

Reality Takes A Bite

Erik Lopez, Senior

“Bite of Reality” is a financial education program done all across California and Nevada provided by the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation. (RMJ). The Program begins on April 21st here at Nogales High School for seniors.

The program participants are given a fictional occupation, a fixed salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt and medical insurance payments.

Students get fake identities and based on their income and family situations they have to make wise financial decisions. These decisions will reveal the true value of money and good choices which gives them a little insight of the real world.

Senior Ana Diaz gave her opinion on why “Bite of Reality” is compelling. “It’s interesting because students are now exposed to real situations that adults are usually put in, such as financial management.”

Overall, this program is suited for people who want a taste of what it feels like to live realistically after high school which could truly benefit future life decisions.