Badminton’s 2022 Season Begins

Litzy Marin, Junior

Badminton season began and the team is off to a solid start. On Tuesday, March 8th, the team had their first league game against Azusa High School, where they demolished the opponent with a score of 18 to 3. 

In total, they are set to have 14 games this season. As of mid-march, they’ve played 4 different schools, resulting in a 3 to 1 win-loss record. Their one loss was to Baldwin Park High School with a close score of 9 to 12. However, this has not affected the players, as they still have high hopes for the season. 

Junior, Yves Forsuelo expressed his excitement towards the upcoming games: “Our team has been doing well actually. We have only lost one game out of four. I’m looking forward to winning the rest of our matches.” 

Team captain, Isaak Thongdy, explains his goals for the season: “My goal for this season is to make it to CIF. The team is amazing, as we are closer than ever even though we did not know each other when we first started.”

The team encourages students to attend home games and cheer them on. Upcoming home games will take place throughout April in the gym on Thursday the 14th and Tuesday the 19th at 3:00 PM.