Nogales Senior Grad Bash to Take Place Next Month

Angel Macias, Senior

The culmination of senior year is arguably Grad Nite. This upcoming senior event will be taking place at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, on May 27 from 3PM until 2AM. 

Long lines took over the ASB store during lunch when tickets went on sale on February 16th. Prices ranged from $115 with ASB to $125 without ASB. Since tickets were limited to three hundred, students rushed to the line. 

The night at Universal will include various types of music playing throughout the park along with dancing. There will be many delicious treats and food options to purchase. Senior, Sam Orduna,  describes her excitement as the day approaches: “ I’m looking forward to spending a day with my class as we have one last good time all together.”

Universal has many rides to experience along with souvenir shops. Many students will certainly get on the main attractions such as “Jurassic Park River Adventure,” which features a 84’ ft drop. Senior, Lexi Macias, is looking forward to attending the park, “I’m really looking forward to going on Jurassic Park and the Mummy ride because of the adrenaline it fills me with when the drops come.”

As high school for the senior class is coming to an end, it can be bittersweet. It is important to look forward to these special events. There is no turning back in time, so make sure you attend and enjoy the last moments together as class of 2022.