IB’s Magnificent Goat Project

IB’s Magnificent Goat Project

Aileen Peres, Senior

The IB students of Nogales are holding a recyclables drive, where plastic bottles and cans are being collected for Earth day.

Dr. Zelnick, the advisor for the IB project, says, “ Last time we did this we earned $90 dollars and we were able to buy a Goat for a family, so now the activity is fondly titled The Goat Project.” Zelnick also expresses how she would like as many teachers to participate as possible and collect as much cans to gain money for farming families in developing countries.

Boxes were provided for classrooms in order to collect cans. These boxes also had additional information on the project . Dr Zelnick highlights the importance of raising money even though they may not reach their projected goal. “Cans will be brought to the recycling center in order to make as much money as possible; even $20 dollars can buy a flock of chickens, so every cent counts.”

The whole concept and purpose is to help people across the world while simultaneously helping the environment of the community. The IB students are working hard to make the world an overall better place.