Last School Rally of the Year

Last School Rally of the Year

Britney Monico, Senior

ASB planned out the last rally of the 2021-2022 school year, which was held on Friday, April 22nd on the field. For the first time, this rally was hosted at the Jack Jolly Stadium. This was the last rally of the graduating class of 2022 but also the first rally together in a few years, so students showed a lot of class spirit. 

The theme for this rally was Alice in Wonderland, which was also the theme for the Sadie’s dance that took place later that day. Pictures from the Disney film decorated the field and the hosts of the rally dressed in Alice in Wonderland inspired outfits as well. 

The rally began with a game in which students ran back and forth in order to switch a white flower to a red flower. Later, students played a game where the objective was to pin the smile on the cat. 

The Nogales Dance Crew (TNDC) then proceeded to perform an amazing dance showing off their cool hip-hop moves. Then, the teachers, staff and administration danced against the students in a dance battle choreographed by TNDC coach Miss Ellis.

The crowd got even more excited when TNDC member Bryce Kwon decided to put together a short performance with a few other dancers for an extravagant promposal. He then brought up a huge poster and asked Hillary Perez out for prom to which she said yes. This surprise event was the highlight of the rally and became the talk of the school.

The last rally was one to remember for seniors as well as underclassmen who experienced their first in-person rally.